Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Let's Catch Up: NYC (Photo Recap)

As I mentioned in my first “Let’s Catch Up” post, my semester was a bit challenging. I was neck deep swimming drowning in an ocean of emotions. About halfway through October, when life started pelting me from all directions, I decided I needed a way out. I needed to get away from everyone and everything that was causing me to feel like I was losing grip of what I knew I could so easily be in control of.

I booked a plane ticket to NYC in the beginning of November and I immediately began to feel my problems drift out of focus with each passing day.

December 16 came around and I was off. Onto a plane and then off again about an hour and a half later. Suddenly I was a young, pre-heroin, Macaulay Culkin, alone in the city. It was just me, Manhattan, and a few million other people.

I shopped, ate appropriately priced (not reasonably priced) amazing food, and met up with friends who just happened to be in the same place at the same time.

My trip was amazing and definitely one I will remember for the rest of my life so there is quite literally too much to write about it. Here’s a few shots from what my camera roll deems important:

NYC shopping haul coming soon!

-morning exploring in central park-

-shopping in SOHO-

-entirely vegan dinner at the butcher's daughter-

-immunity shots at the bar after dinner-

-using another reflective surface as a mirror in SOHO-

-found my friends in central park-
bit of a pick me up

-more shopping in SOHO-

-walk through the park before meeting friends for shopping-

-skyline view before brunch at sarabeth's-

-more shopping-

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Let's Catch Up

I’m back! It's been about 6+ months since my last post and I figured it's about time I create/publish some content. Over the past months I have written a few things, scrapped them, and started them over again, but I haven’t created anything I’ve been terribly proud of. Nothing seemed right because I didn’t seem right.

I started my sophomore year at CofC and all the pieces of my world were in place. I was in a relationship, I had my head on straight, and I was excited for classes to start, then everything got really real, really quickly. By now, approaching my second semester as a sophomore, I’m single, a little battered, and somehow feeling somewhat refreshed. 

Semester one was hell, but I’m putting it behind me. I made good grades, learned a few lessons and was surrounded by amazing friends, what more could I ask for? 

Enough of this sappy stuff. 

I’m writing again because I’m feeling more inspired than ever. I’ve begun to collect people in my life who are doing amazing things, being creative, and pushing themselves on a daily basis, and looking at them makes me want to have that for myself. I’m craving expression.

Fashion, music, food, life, and adventure are just a few things my heart is chasing right now, and I can’t wait to write about them as I find them along my way.

I’m jumping back in and I’d love for you to jump with me.

Peace & blessings friends,