Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Shopping Experience: Common Projects

Recently I made a purchase that I am very satisfied with. I did something I normally don’t do. I ordered shoes online without trying them on. This recent purchase was for the Common Projects Original Achilles in the Light Grey color. I picked them up from an online shop based out of Beverly Hills that is known to sell specifically Italian luxury goods. The store is called Italist and seems to work like how the American Farfetch shopping experience works. Products are bought through the website and sold from boutiques affiliated with the program. This means stock in sizes and colors varies day to day and sales are based on each individual boutique’s pricing. This may seem inconvient in some cases, but when you get lucky, you get really lucky. 

In the United States the Common Projects I bought retail for $410. I purchased my Common Projects Original Achilles in the Light Grey color for only 247 which converts to only $274.55. That’s an insane $135.45 savings. No coupon code. No special sale. Just and average purchase on some shoes that were marked down because there were only a few left. Shipping was free and they showed up at my door from Milan in only 3 days. Saying I was excited about the buy would be a extreme understatement. They are the best purchase I’ve made in a long time and I encourage everyone interested in Italian luxury goods and the Common Projects line to check out the site.

There are plenty of shoes left in different colors, sizes, and styles so move quick!
A full review on the shoes should be up on the blog in a few days time! Happy shopping!


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