Monday, February 1, 2016

Winter Dawns

Some of you may still have snow on the ground and temperatures are probably rising slower than you might like, but here in Charleston, spring is already creeping in on us. Regardless of what the groundhog sees or doesn’t see tomorrow, it was 74° today and the sun was out and brighter than ever.

With warmer days we leave behind our warmer clothes. We pack away our thick coats and winter hats and hope that the wind chill doesn’t make us regret it the second we walk out the front door.

Pants are always an option, but why not wear warmer weather items when you have the chance? I promise myself every winter that the first day the thermometer inches over 70°, I’ll dig deep into my drawers and withdraw the first pair of shorts I see. After months of hibernation, my legs are finally getting to see the light of day.

This morning I went for a February 1st appropriate color scheme. Sticking to my cooler colors, I chose my navy blue short sleeve button-down from Brooks Brothers paired with charcoal 7” inseam Stanton shorts from J.Crew. Nike Killshot 2 sneakers for kicks and Daniel Wellington and KJP for wrist candy.

Here’s hoping for lot of warmer days soon!



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  1. Love your blog, Dawson! I'm trying to start one too and it's good to know a friend is going through the same process:)

    ~Victoria Futrell