Thursday, February 18, 2016

Comfy Casual

If you’re like me, picking out clothes in the morning can be the most fun and yet annoying part of the day. Do you start with the shoes, the shirt, the pants, or the accessories? I tend to find one item, whatever it may be, and work my entire outfit around that piece.  Today I felt the need to be comfy, but instead of letting myself indulge in the sin of throwing on sweats and a tee, I made myself put on actual clothes.

I started with my focus piece, a classic grey crewneck sweatshirt from J.Crew, this being the little amount of comfort I allotted myself, and took the outfit from there. Like I mentioned earlier, dressing down was not an option, so I paired the sweatshirt with a blue button down with a white collar, a J.Crew item as well.

My new Gap slim fit jeans worked perfectly for what I was going for. They have about 1-2% elasticity in them so they hold their fit throughout the day, yet they have a great classic denim feel. No bagging and sagging, but still a comfy addition to the wardrobe and this outfit in particular!

Dune London black Chelsea boots to finish things up, and my Daniel Wellington to bring it all together.

Comfy yet casual, and never at the expense of a well-put together look!

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